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He did it again: Jim Barón put a hot photo, and her friend left their "little pitch"

April 9, 2019

Jimena Barón shared a picture on the bed and very sexy, where she introduced new news about her music side. The singer performed a new song with Miss Bolivia.

Jimena Barón taught how to prepare a drink, but the result was not expected.

Jimena Barón manages to influence his followers with photos he uploads to Instagram. The actress was not ashamed to show his body and was often criticized. Last year, she was involved in a strong crossing with journalist Julia Mengolini, who accused her of not being a preacher for her "Lomzo" photos. Jimen criticized him for a comment that led to a strong public debate about what power means.

Jimena Barón He is not surprised by the last photo that came up with Instagram. There she lay on the bed in black, but also showed her body was working. He explained that he was at Hotel Palermitano in Buenos Aires, and he could see it as a make-up, just like production. In the foot of the photo he wrote: "Filming here. 3 videos a month. Are you okay?"

The picture reached 150,000 like for half an hour and received comments from both celebrities and their fans who support it all. Candelaria Tinelli showed him that he had created a big laugh at the top of the photo and responded with a heart. He was also answered by the actress Bárbara Lombardo. "Ah labs mamuuuuu".

Jim Barón's hilarious hot post after reunification with Mauro Caiazza: "God is there?

Followers Jimena Barón they followed the joke, one commented, "Sisi right now, you? What did you do? Ahrre friendship." Others left a gratitude for another kind, like "You just paralyzed my heart."

A few days ago Jimena Barón co-operated with Miss Bolivia on this issue "It burns". The song leaves a strong message of women's authority. The topic was announced a few days before its release, and the work on the job is in line with expectations. In addition, Baron recorded his second album songs that do not yet have a release date.

They asked for a picture of Jimmy Baron and his son Momo in this funny reaction

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