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He becomes an opponent and is an executor

The head of the cyclone announced that he took over the layoff, while affirming he was worried about the team member's state of health. However, Cabito has been strongly accused of his speech.

Do you think it's just that …

"It would be easier for me to talk, but I sincerely prefer to stay in that way." I do not speak, said Matisse, and I just want to answer the things he said, but without conflicts and without fighting, "he said in a conversation with The nation

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When he learned about the driver's statement about his state of health, he replied: "I do not know that someone says he's arriving in a sanatorium … What to worry about (…) I'm going to talk because I do not agree with the one who becomes the victim of the situation, in which he is the performer"

Then it was a lot of spicy versus Martin's first attempt to remove him from the program before a stomach bypass surgery. "If you are thrown out of work because of your health, there is something that is broken. And I think that's what we can not achieve, "he stressed.

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Martini's "sticks" were related to wage differences. "The wage differences are wicked. I hire my house so you can get an idea and I do not have apartments in Miami "he counted

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"It seems to me unfair (that they have imagined it). I believe that they responded to a situation that I am not responsible for. But that's about things we're not talking about, nothing internal, "he said, pointing out that the decline in the success of the cycle (another issue he mentioned) did not have to worry much.

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