Saturday , January 29 2022

Hawking Last Warning: "Earth Will Become Hell, Like Venus"


Shortly before his death, the world's most famous physicist warned that in 200 years our planet would become a "breath-taking" place with the same temperatures as Venus, where it reached 460 degrees and the wind blown 300 km / h.

Despite many ignoring the inevitable climate change that our planet is suffering, Stephen Hawking continued to warn: "Resources are coming out of alarming speed. We have given our planet a disastrous gift of climate change."

As explained in My Favorite Places, our planet is very similar to Venus and points out that in fact the second planet closest to the Sun was inhabited about two million years ago.

Hawking said Venus was probably alive and even came on the water. However, the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere led to the disappearance of the oceans by warming the warm planet into a hostile environment with winds of up to 300 km / h.

With this revelation, the physicist tried to condemn the critical situation of our planet, which has a future that is very similar to our "neighbor" today. "Venus is like Earth in many ways. One cousin," he explains.

"It's almost the same size as Earth, though a little closer to the Sun. It has an atmosphere, albeit under pressure 90 times stronger than our planet," he said.

Explaining these similarities, he confirmed that "Venus is an example of uncontrolled heating", and that something very similar to Earth would happen if the greenhouse gases reach an extreme level in the atmosphere.

Referring to Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, Hawking decided that the President of the United States "has condemned our planet."

For those who deny climate change, the British have offered to pay a trip to Venus, which does not believe that the Earth will not be able to live a life too far away. "The next time you encounter a denialist of climate change, tell them you are traveling to Venus. I will pay the ticket," he says.

Finally, the scientific distributor warned that mankind must find a new house in space in the next 200 to 500 years if it wants to survive.

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