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Hantavirus: Chubut has raised restrictions and patients leave isolation

City authorities. T. Epuyén, Chubut ProvinceOn Friday, part of the restrictive measures imposed on this city with 4,000 inhabitants will be lifted if a hantavirus outbreak that caused 11 deaths was announced in early December. He announced the local mayor, Antonio Reato, who said "the mood of the population is better."

The communal boss explained that "we will provide minimum care in enclosed areas about 10 days until mid-February, because if we reach as much as we do not plan with a little more" ban on mass meetings, schedule restrictions and mandatory use of masks in public places.

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In total, 31 people died as a result of hantavirus infection in the province of Patagonia. Since its inception, all group activities have been suspended for forty days and a "health alert" has been announced.

Quoted by ABN Bariloche Reato said that "the hant issue is improving the situation is hopeful because you notice it on the street, in the shops, in the supermarket; especially since there are no intensive care patients since the weekend, many of them appear in selective isolation, and very little will remain in the next week ”.

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As for the city of Esquel, where the most serious outbreaks of the disease were visited, this Sunday, the provincial health ministry said that "the hantavirus patient was released from the intensive care unit that was handed over to the common room, There are no patients in the Esquel hospital care service"The patient is in a" recovery chamber ".

"Of the five patients remaining in the hospital isolation unit at the Esquel area, 3 were out of the intensive care unit and continued to recover, and 2 correspond to the last cases confirmed in the case of hantavirus, remaining clinically stable," the report concludes with a sanitation.

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This weekend ended the isolation, which she was subjected to 32 days with her two children and her partner – the new Mailel Valli (25), who saw her father Aldo and two of his sisters – Loreley and Jessica. from Hantavirus, which began on the 15th birthday of the city of Epuyén. Chubut determined the selective isolation of 89 people from different parts of the Chubut mountain range which is considered to be part of the "epidemiological link" because it is the relatives or relatives of people who have infected the virus, many of which have already been released.


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