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Hantavirus also in jail in Magdanen, …

In the province of Buenos Aires, the spread of colloidal mouse-spread disease continues to grow. Where the virus spreads from mouse to human rather than interpersonal, for example, the strain circulating in Pataon now has 9 confirmed cases. The last person affected is a 40-year-old who has been imprisoned in Magdalena Prison and had to be transferred to a high-complex hospital in the capital of Buenos Aires.

The man who was serving the Criminal Division 28 felt general weakness with joint and head pain. In a prison sanitary unit, which had similar symptoms to influenza, he was subjected to tests that caused hantavirus contraction, so it was determined that his move to San Juan de Dios Hospital in La Plata.

The Provincial Memory Commission (CPM) had already demanded that prevention and deratization measures be implemented in prisons, police stations, closed centers for young people and neuropsychiatric hospitals in Buenos Aires to avoid transmission of the virus.

According to the CPM, in prison inspections, “there were great concerns about the presence of rodents and the lack of hygiene in the premises where the detainees are staying, two issues that make these places very favorable to spread. disease. "

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