Monday , October 18 2021

Gymnastics La Plata player was condemned for gender-based violence and removed from university


Football Hernán Tifner (Cordovan flyer, 22 years old) was declared a gender-based violence in La Plata. As soon as the news became known, the gymnastics and fencing club La Plata separated her from the leading team Pedro Troglio.

In addition, the club issued a statement informing them that they would contact the victim to find out more about the situation and assess what to do.

According to the published Clarín, the football player was detached from the company and the institution is now examining the case to determine what sanctions have been imposed on him.

Complaint filed this morning at La Plata Family Family Court no. 1 responsible for the judge Ana Medina The victim provided a video of the security cameras where it was recorded when a football player spoiled his former partner's car at the 73rd and 18th intersection.

In the afternoon, the gymnastics announced that the Football Division, together with the Gender Area, the Legal and Technical Areas and the Board of Directors, "assessed the steps to be taken" for the company's athlete's activities.

"At La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing Club, we work every day to create an area that promotes justice, respect in different areas, and promotes the elimination of all forms of violence based on gender inequality," he said. notice.

Tifner did gymnastic exercises and Troglio joined the team last June. He has a contract with the club for three years.

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