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Guido Kaczka discovered that her friend hid something for 3 years – 01/19/2019

Three years of love, trust, dedication … until the television program ended with a spell. Is it a Wednesday participant Another family night (El Trece, 9.30 am) told me how revealed the failure that his partner had done thanks to this cycle.

Although the "lie" did not include infidelity, nor did it cause separation, the competitor, Andrea, Surprised Cycle Manager Guido Kaczka (40) and the whole audience, revealing the intimacy that her friend was well guarded.

The revelation came when Guido began to inquire about the prayer and the participant informed him they had known thanks to the dating application online.

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The man who was also in the program to compete for a trip to Punta del Estu had already answered several game questions when Guido suddenly asked: "How did they meet?"

"At Badoo"replied the woman" Ah ", the TV manager said," It was quiet, "the man said, then Andrea noted:"But I learned that he also had Tinder and Happn! (two other applications) ".

"Oh, I had everything. Ideal It is good, "Kaczka said with humor, referring to the number of applications to find a partner who had a man."You had to increase your chances", the participant was justified.

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"Oh well … But how did you know when you talked to production?"asked Guido Andrea.

"Of course, when we talked about production He said, "I'll delete everything". I said thereEverything?"And there he said," Badoo, Tinder and Happn, "the woman shut.

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