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Google just patented a more secure version of the Apple Face ID

Google's face ID patent

This week, a new Google-registered patent announcing the company was registered on Wednesday Include technology that resembles Apple's Face ID at the next terminals.

According to the patent with the name Light source projector based on blocks Google will work on an infrared light detection system that recognizes objects primarily based on facial recognition technologies used by Apple for iPhone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and several Xiaomi terminals. But so that the Pixel line is Still missing.

Patently Apple's revised document, however, demonstrates that Google offers a new one that not only identifies the user's identity, as it can also be used Determine the location of objects that include light detectors in relation to other objects. For example, it will be able to read the location of the user's hand relative to another part of the body containing a light signal that can detect gestures and perform functions based on them.

In addition to the usefulness of using mobile devices, Google believes that this system may be useful for a variety of applications detect the location of an object in the environment. These applications could include, for example, the location of an unmanned aircraft location.

Safer Google Face ID version

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Reuters reported this March that most Android phones will have to wait until 2019 to duplicate the sensor function in 3D, behind the Apple Device Face ID security, according to three major types of manufacturers. At that time, it was pointed out that part of the delay was due to Lack of vertical cavity laser irradiation or VCSEL delivery necessary for its implementation. Nevertheless, Google has decided to go back to work.

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