Saturday , July 24 2021

Google Drive activates its transformed Material theme for everyone, giving some a dark-mode gift

Google announced that Google Drive will have a material theme in mid-March, but it is already known that castle things are going slow. This redesign must be active for everyone, and also creates other news.

The first is active for everyone: a better document scanning. Secondly, it seems to be activated only for some lucky ones: a dark mode that darkens the interface with a non-black background, but almost.

Google Drive with Material Theme

From the redesign of the Google Drive to the Material Thematic Interface, we talked to you a month ago. The interface is invaded by color in white and receives a new icon and font style and sent Application navigation down. There's everything in four tabs: Home, Favorites, Share, and Files.


The side paneland the previous way to switch between different Google Accounts is to change completely by removing the headline with the Google+ image on the road, resting in peace. To change your account, you need to do so by touching the photo of your profile, which is now in the middle of the search box.


Google Drive is the second application that receives the material theme, although its "related apps" like Google Pages, Google Docs and Presentations continue the previous design. This new transformation should be now active for everyone. If not, update the program from Google Play.

Better document scanning

Another novelty available to everyone is in the document scanner. The performance itself is not entirely new, as it presented no less than 2013. The problem is that it hasn't changed since then. prehistoric interface. By redesigning the benefits, Google has withdrawn its camera and Google Drive captures a photo with your mobile phone app.


The others work just as well as always, with an automatic trimming that is unlikely to change, and a perspective correction that does what you expect most of the time. As before, you can scan multiple pages at once, Creating a PDF document uploaded to Google Drive.

Dark mode


Finally, some users have seen this latest version being chat by Google Drive. No setting to control dark mode in the application, so the only way to use it is to activate mode Battery Saver for Android Pie or above, or from developer capabilities.

It seems that in this case placement is not complete. In some cases, even if you activate the dark mode on your mobile phone, the Google Drive will only display the black and white screen on microseconds and then open the nuclear target. It is possible that the dark mode will soon arrive in a later update.

Google Drive

Google Drive

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