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Global sales of smartphones in the "worst year" were in 2018

Global sales of smartphones declined to a peak in 2018and The prospects for 2019 are not much betteraccording to new market research.

Phone Numbers Mobile phones sold worldwide decreased by 4.1% in 2018 together with 1,400 million units, according to IDC research firm, which sees potential for further falls this year.

"The world of smartphone market is a disaster now"said IDC analyst Ryan Reith.

"From a few growing markets like IndiaIn Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam, we did not see much positive action in 2018. "

Reith said that the market has been affected by consumers waiting for longer to replace their phones, which is not satisfied with the cost of high premium devices and the political and economic uncertainty.

According to the IDC analysis, published on Wednesday, the Chinese market was particularly affected, accounting for about 30% of smartphone sales.

IDC said five of the best Smartphone manufacturers have become stronger and now account for 69% of global salescompared to 63% a year ago.

Samsung IDC said it was still the first telephone manufacturer with a market share of 20.8%, despite a drop in eight percent sales a year.

In the fourth quarter, IDC reported a decrease of 4.9% in smartphone sales, which is the fifth consecutive quarter.

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