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"Gissella's body decomposition makes it difficult to get results" Chronicle

Prosecutor investigating the disappearance Gissela Solís Street He learned with the media after learning about previous autopsy studies. That way, Ana Medina He was responsible for more details not only about body tests, but also about what was the investigation that found the dentist's location.

"The investigation takes a few days, although it doesn't seem to be based on Gissella's location, but we regret it was the way Gissella's family found it. Casimiro Campos He acted alone or with someone else ", the prosecutor deepened.

As a 47-year-old woman died, Medina explained that the autopsy that took place in the La Plata morgue revealed that "The body does not show signs of violence". However, the improved body partitioning situation makes it difficult to find evidence for the cause of death.

"The state of body decomposition does not help, it took many days, and it was very hot, and it is the truth that makes it difficult to get results." As he said, there were no signs of violence in the body, but other signs that might occur. It is also difficult for organs because they are in the same state of decomposition, sending everything to analyze and maybe get some results using chemical tests.he explained.

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