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Gil Pereg's unusual request from the prison

Gilad "Nicolás" Gil Pereg, imprisoned in San Felipe, accused of murder, aggravated by the link between his mother and aunt Pyrhia Sarusi and Lily Pereg, respectively, who remained in front of the Guaymallén cemetery. However, today he was asked to choose 10 and bring them to prison.

Unlike the sources discussed, Israel is not far from thinking that Israel was not eating and killing cats MDZbut they have a special passion. If you don't get the 10 home cats you ask, you'll start a hunger strike, he threatened.

The thing is that the strike has already started yesterday, but it stopped him when a private lawyer who was planning to hire came. During the conversation, sources close to the situation said he couldn't speak due to lack of fluid consumption in the day with a 43 degree heat sensation. He broke the hunger strike and took a lot of water. But now cats are considered to be a condition, although he had already indicated to the prosecutor's office that he was eating "every four days".


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