Saturday , April 1 2023

"Ghost Touch" – iPhone X Failure



The smartphone that mentioned Apple for ten years in the smartphone industry has recently triggered alarms. The iPhone X's strange technical error ignites the anger of reddit users in the social network.

According to complaints, the so-called "ghostly touch" began to take place on several iPhone X. The screen began to move mysteriously. as if the invisible finger was pushing it, as a result of which some suspected it could be a virus. Other owners, on the other hand, confirmed that the team's touch screen no longer responded or showed unusual performance.

Apparently this is a separate issue that Cupertino's company recently recognizes on the support page.

Apple says that the existence of these technical problems only exists on "some iPhone X screens" that could experience "touch problems because of the component that fails in the display module." Basically, the problems affect the user experience for two reasons: when the display does not recognize the touches or it's wrong and when it "responds even if it is not touched".

The company stated that it is committed to replacing this module without user charges in authorized centers or through the company's support site.

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