Tuesday , October 26 2021

Gabriel Heinze's strategy to "bother" the river and his failed method to spy on his rivals


Gabriel Heinze He assured he was "worried about everything" River "it works very well and is one of the best teams" Super Leaguebut warned that Liniers will offer the game to "you feel uncomfortable"if you get it next Sunday at.

"De River worries me because it is a team that works very well in all its aspects. We have been working as we do every week, following the same path we do always seeing its features. We want the river to feel uncomfortable"pointed out Gringo.

At the press conference he gave after the morning rehearsal, he was a technician velezano He warned that "the importance of the game is maximum ”because both need these points.

Asking for a chance to enter an international tournament, an airplane on which he is fighting by hand with a kit Marcelo Gallardo, Heinze He said: "I don't think of any cups. If they arrive, things will arrive in individual and collective growth. This is a … a nice chance to meet one of the best teams. "

"The opponent is very important, with excellent quality and extraordinary time, but I believe my players, I focus on everything I can to give them all the information, then on behalf of the players, It's very nice to play against the best team – the one who has done things very well"said the coach.

Finally, Gringo he admitted that he had checked one of his competitors, as the technician did Marcelo Bielsa inside Leeds after the dispute arose England With. , Crazy: "The answer is very simple. I have done it, and I am not open"

Vélez will get River next Sunday from 21.30 in a game that will be controlled by a judge Darío Herrera and which will be broadcast by cable sports signal TNT Sports. The Fort it has an illusion of the next classification Copa Libertadores and Millionaire wants to direct their course to the maximum joy they have gained Santiago Bernabéu ahead Mute.

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