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G20 Summit: Reductions have already started, and on Thursday – 28.11.2018

The G20 Summit from this Wednesday began to feel in the city when some delegations arrived, as well as protests and traffic stops on de 9 de Julio Avenue. But on Thursday, the situation will be even more complicated: the planned closing sites were merged over the last hours in a number of key areas, such as Corrientes, Diagonal Norte, Alem-Paseo Colón and Madero-Huergo.

The arrival of the delegation of Saud Prince Mohammed Bin Salman on Wednesday brought complications and delays. Access highways were cut from Ezeiza. And also in the city center there were surprise courts that crossed the delegation.

But this week starts the planned cuts. Like the ones that will affect the whole driveways to the city like Dellepiane and 25 de Mayo, and July 9th

In it Dellepiane and May 25th highways, which means the center, the cutting will take place on Thursday from. 8.30am to 11.30am. And the situation will be repeated in the afternoon, on Friday from. 18:30 to 21:00. Exception from the limit is an exit from the group Dellepiane Terminal.

On Thursday, the total decrease was added to the Illia, Lugone and Cantili highways, between Av 9 de Julio and Parque Norte / Ciudad Universitaria. The direction to the city will be from 15 to the province of 21. In both cases, the limit will be raised on Saturday, about 22. In addition, from Thursday 15, Sarmiento and North / University City will be closed.

In it avenue 9 de Julio Today, on the morning of Thursday morning, the central lanes will be circled north from noon. 8.30 to 11.30 and from 19. It will be repeated on Friday from 6 to 9. The transverse direction will only be closed until the commision passes. This reduction will increase the Metrobus break on July 9th and will end on Thursdays at noon. 9.00 and will not work on Fridays or Saturdays.

But attention, because it's just added to the restrictions on the axis created Leandro N. Alem and Paseo Colón, which will be closed between Belgrano and Viamonte from 8th of Thursday to Saturday, 1 December at noon. 22. During the same period will be cut off by Metrobus del Bajo.

Corrientes Avenue will also be closed at noon. 8.00 on Thursday from noon 9 De Julio and Madero; Diagonal Norte between 9 de Julio and Bolívar and Madero-Huergo between Belgrano and Viamonte. In all cases only borders can be accessed.

On the other hand, on Friday and Saturday The liberator it will be partially cut off between San Martín and Pueyrredón, and the other – along with this last alley. In addition, the counter strike will be triggered from Wednesday to Sunday 24th, ie it will be doubled.

The Figueroa Alcorta Avenue will be closed between Pueirredon and Sarmiento Avenue on Friday and Saturday. Only the borders will be accessible.

Traffic chaos on July 9th and the attachment of Belgrano and Barrios Pie to the Ministry of Social Development. Photo by Guillermo Rodríguez Adami

Traffic chaos on July 9th and the attachment of Belgrano and Barrios Pie to the Ministry of Social Development. Photo by Guillermo Rodríguez Adami

Today, on Thursday, in addition to the planned cuts, there will also be possible restrictions before the comitose transition.

Complications will be added it's not a holiday. Public offices, towns and national institutions circulate communications among employees, which allows them to go home after noon.

However, not to mention holidays, for example, on Friday, the private sector will be normal, so there will be thousands of people who mobilize the city with cuts and restrictions.

It adds that in the afternoon, services from Metro 15, H and B will be limited. The line B There will be a limited service between the stations Juan Manuel de Rosas and Carlos Pellegrini. And line H between the hospital and Santa Fe stations.

Full service for six lines and Premetro will be completely paralyzed on Friday and Saturday, like metropolitan trains. If they work collectively, they would suffer crashes.

Sections in the north

Limits of the G20 summit also come to the municipalities of Vicente López and San Isidro, where, among other things, Villa Ocampo will be visited.

Municipality Vicente López according to the order of the Ministry of National Security, the restrictions will be on this Thursday from noon. 8 to noon 10.30 on Saturdays from 8 to noon 10.30 and on Sundays from 7 to noon 14.30 The area affected is between Zufriategui, Lisandro de la Torre, Italy, Azcuénaga, Marconi and Avellaneda, where private vehicles and public transport will not be allowed to circulate.

In these three days, it will not be possible to place Maipú avenue, between Zufriategui and Marconi. And the Aristóbulo del Valle Metrobus terminal will remain closed.

They confirm from the municipality that Vicente López will not transit in the general Paz area of ​​Libertador.

Meanwhile, on Friday from 7 to 16 San Isidro You will not be able to drive by car or on foot through the following streets and roads:

  • Marquez Avenue from Tupac Amaru Panamericana Collector Av. Centennial
  • Centenario Avenue / Santa Fe from National Units to Marconi.
  • Ayacucho no Av. Centenario to Av. Del Libertador.
  • Liberator from Uruguay to Spain; In this sector, the Florencio Varela-Ayacucho section will be reduced to transit from 24.

The only crosses that will open until noon 9.30:

  • Avenida Marquez or Fondo de la Legua.
  • Avenida Marquez or Diego Carman.
  • Avenida Marquez and Fleming.
  • Centenario Avenue with Spain.

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