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From My Ginobily to Gaby Sabatini: The Aftermath of the Bombing of Facundo Campazzo – 14/15/2015

These days, when everything seems to be reduced to national football, football, the Club World Cup and Boca, in search of a new coach, the bombing of Facundo Campazzo by Real Madrid against Barcelona (92-65) helped Euroluigai change for some time and caused surprising reactions from basketball and other discipline colleagues.

"What a phenomenon is @facundocampazzo, please! See this outrage!" My Ginobili wrote tweet on Friday. And he counted a dialogue with one of his older children: "Again!" How do you get these shots? Said Dante, one of the twins. The silent answer was represented by the former NBA with the emotion of a man, shoulder and shoulders facing the sky.

Will this Campazzo be the best year of conversion in Euroleague ?, asks for a social network Spanish magazine Basket Giants. Still visible. Meanwhile, the Argentine National Team base gains praise and admiration from many athletes in different parts of the world.

"How crazy are you in Facu," he wrote Paul Dybala, forward to Juventus, Twitter. On the same social network Juan Monaco It was in the same direction: "Estassssss locooooooo Magoo". While Juan Pablo Sorín, a former defender of the national team, asked to stand "impressively … @facucampazzo #orgulloargento".

You can not go wrong. You can scream all night … It's worth it, "writes Pedro Bonofiglio, nicoleño, who votes in the stadium at the Real Madrid stadium. And while Nicolas Richotti, a Spaniard of Gran Canaria, issued a "deied de fuck @facucampazzo", from this ocean side, his father, the historic Marcelo, said: "He shot from his native Córdoba, impressive."

They also showed their admiration for Campazzo, a former world number 3 for Gabriela Sabatini and other Argentineans, who were chosen as Luciano De Cecco (volleyball) and Pablo Simonet and Federico Pizarro (handball).

There was also no mention of it Luka Doncic, A Slovenian child who, at the age of 15, debuted in the Real Madrid Major Team, and this season, with only 19 players playing at the NBA, played at Dallas Mavericks.

A detail similar to Campazzo and Doncic has to be done accurately with the Cordovana rotation, which has allowed the world to speak over the last few hours. A year ago, before his own opponent and the same contest, Europe was almost traceable to a hero.

If you need to come back link With football songs, for which several fans began to curse Twitter, is an imaginary music that was heard aloud in recent days: "El Facu Campazzo, how crazy it is."

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