Monday , October 18 2021

Fortnite – How to watch Marshmello live concert: date, time and place


Fortnite event Show time comes from this collaboration between Epic Games and DJ, Marshmello. This event will culminate with a great concert that DJ will bring to one of the biggest features of Fortnite – live events.

Marshmello tomorrow will be a concert and it will be Parque Placentero, a place specially prepared for the concert and located these places on the football field.

Fortnite has also released a … exclusive Marshmello leather, for instance, Pico, Aladel and spray. You can also get Marshmello dance Completing the Showtime event challenges.

The recital will take place on Saturday at 10am 14:00 ET, that is, in each country at the following times:

Spain: 20:00

Argentina / Chile: 16: 00h

Mexico: 13: 00h

Peru / Colombia: 14: 00h

United States of America: 14: 00h

If the schedule you are not clear when the next counter reaches zero, Marshmello's concert in Fortnite will begin. Don't forget to be in this game!

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