Sunday , April 11 2021

For these violations WhatsApp closes your account for life, looks

"Your telephone number is not allowed to use our service, contact the support service for help." This is the latest message that hundreds of people receive using WhatsApp before the company's most popular instant messenger stops its account without warning. A daunting message reaches multi-user mobile phones, thanks to the new regulation that implements WhatsApp. Suspended accounts will disappear and will not be available to any contacts.

The reasons why a company has to deactivate accounts is to engage in "suspicious or unlawful behavior, including fraud," as well as to combat secret ad and spam. It also reserves the right to act against users who "promote or promote" illegal or inappropriate behavior, such as "promoting violent acts," "sending illegal messages," or racially or ethnically assaulting attacks. "

In the same sense, the Facebook-owned platform has indicated that downloading an "app add-on" that is not official can be penalized. This includes applications such as WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus that allow users to access unofficial WhatsApp modifications, such as text color or font size. He also referred to other activities related to spam or cheating, such as the massive creation of groups involving hundreds of people.

"Selling, reselling, renting or collecting" a service WhatsApp offers in full or in aggregate information about other clients may also be punishable as well as "virus or harmful computer code transmissions". In fact, the company remembers that each person is responsible for the "safety of their device" and will be obliged to immediately notify "any unauthorized use or security failure".

What if my account is suspended? If the user is shut down from the platform, the claim path is sent by email to the WhatsApp help address: [email protected]

However, it should be remembered that the decision to lift the suspension is an exclusive company, so the best recommendation is to comply with the good behavior requirements of the public.


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