Thursday , March 30 2023

For the benefit of Marie Kondo


Now that things are there, if they are in Netflix, a new discoveries and discuss with the Japanese Marie Kondo, the obsessive guru of order. His books – mostly Order magicbestseller who transformed him into a global figure – sold out to millions. They also list their seminars high and rank their online instructions at the top. But now, a good part of her previous audience, that is, her readers, also reveals her: the perennial smile, the very long eyelashes, the solemn manners and the Japanese with the translator who faces home, which is things.

The series is the same or worse than any successful reality in the same category because the niche is not born as it seems with Netflix by Kondo. I would recommend it read the bookThat's much better. Fun, entertaining, clear and well organized self-help guide developed to feel better in this space, where we spend most of our lives: our four walls. It's not small.

In my experience, Kondo's manual worked as a detox before moving. Thanks to him, the transfer of the house, although still stressful and a bit traumatic, was undoubtedly much easier. Instead of moving to personal chaos on one side to the other, we realized that we had to accept all that was important.

Every reader will find Order magic different echoes. I read it at one time. It will be that I come battery houseswhere it was hard to find things because there were too many; in which nothing not even split was thrown away. The joy of getting rid of your trash is extraordinary.

The Kondo Handbook may seem like a madwoman diary that thanks her shoes when she takes them home, talks to clothes and suggests throwing others off when no one sees you. It repeats as a mantra that you have only what makes you happy. His eccentricity – "so oriental" – makes it exciting.

The real life begins after put your house in order, Provide what comes from teaching so that you can sock your socks without churning up your clothes and placing your clothes vertically in the closet, with an amazing result in the room. Already no longer twitching To pull out a pair of pants, never push again to find a hanging bag. Suddenly life, or a small and everyday part, flows. He also talked about the advantages of emptying in a drawer that is brought into the portfolio at the end of the day. Simple therapy that is done in front of your eyes, everything you will spend during the day. There is a key. It's about attention, attention.

Maria Kondo series became very popular.
Maria Kondo series became very popular.

There are also new indignados books who drives Kondo. Rather, the scandalous idea that books can only be seen as another object. Of course, she does not understand that they say books are valuable. Anyone? And does everyone have the same relationship with them? The magic of the order does not force anyone to do what they do not want, it only offers a way to walk the easier life of luggage.

Kondo will not be a reader, and the book is not the same as the old pants that are forgotten at the back of the wardrobe, but many readers benefit from their advice. Paradox: Viewing books on the shelves stacked with a zero-point criterion is a good way to connect with them. Is able to find repetitive or unopened packaging or editorial promotions that nobody will do, or a job that has been forgotten a thousand years ago. And many who are simply not interested in keeping or as a decorative backbone. After this rake, those who stay are overestimated because you come back to look at them, and you had two minutes to decide that they are still part of your life, such as the new stages of a human or love relationship. To order!

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