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Florencia Peña danced burnt stone with her son and an unexpected end

Florence Peña with his son decided to upload a video dance "Coal Wood" Juan Otero. But the choreo they armed was unexpected. Watch the video!

"Firewood for coal" has become one of the summer achievements, and many celebrities have decided to share their video on their dances on their social networks.

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The song is nothing more than a "collage" of song fragments, but the choir comes from the least known Colombian cumbers, which has a decade, and which was remixed by J Mastermix, which became a success of viruses thanks to the DJ version Alex

Florencia spends her summer very peacefully and in the company of friends, children and her polamorphic friends. Far from Toto Otero, his eldest son who is on holiday in the United States with his girlfriend Juana Tinelli and all the Tinelli clan, Flore spends the afternoon with the "atomic nature" of his son Juan Otero, who has proved he has very special character and don't be afraid to criticize his mother.

"My small Juan, without constructions and chains. You are my teacher"The mother of Lady had written next to a photo in which she wrote that" being a mom is an adventure that always makes us unusual ".

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Now, with Juan, Florencia shared a very funny video where both dances before the camera, but Felipe, the youngest member of the family, decides that the dance has gone too far to get a mobile phone and the picture becomes black. Your son censors?

Watch the video!

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