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Flor Vigna narrowed his bad relationship with Nicolás Cabré: "We do not support each other" – 01/14/2019


Another photo and a new contradiction. Happy about My brother is a clone (Thirteen) Vigna flower (24) published an image that created all kinds of comments. She did it almost two months after the disputes that arose when she grew up in another postcard on the band she was looking at. Nicolás Cabré (38)

This time and after the anger of this time Laurita Fernández (28), actress celebrated closing the novel in a certain way: with a photo where you can see it with a pregnant woman in the abdomen (for his character) and smiling, but without other members.

The last item made from Flor Vigna

The last item Flor Vigna made from "My Brother is Clone". In unity, without any heirs.

All, then They started wondering why. It's that after that it turned out that his relationship with Cabré was damaged, everyone was expected to celebrate the end of fiction.

"Cabré does his job, doesn't mean it's a mess," said the actress follower. Another, ironic: "Be careful what you are sending, Flor, it won't be a question for you, calling Lauri so you can delete it. "

Attentive to what happened on networks Marcelo Polino (54) interviewed Vignu about Radio Miter (he is doing his program from Mar del Plata) and asked about it. In particular, he was consulted on the last day of recording My brother is a clone.

The photograph of Cabré and Vigna, which caused the dispute.

The photograph of Cabré and Vigna, which caused the dispute.

"We were in separate groups. When it was over, he (with Cabré) went to fly. We do not support each other", he discovered. He added: "I was fortunate enough to meet many beautiful people and there are many people with whom you have no empathy. "

"Action is not just what I mean as a girl. I wanted to act because I liked to speak where I was happier in my theater classes. Acting, it is done when the mood is not so good, ”he reflected.

And at the end of the note, he used the opportunity to express his dissatisfaction with his public struggle with Cabré and explained the version he was trying to do with him.

"I didn't like what happened, but I was quiet because it all knows I'm not in his locker room and in his carand he knows it too, ”he closed.

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