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Flor Peña and her son Juan broke their "coal-fired" rhythm, but Felipe didn't like it

Incredible, "Firewood Coal" It is one of the summer themes and the bowls explode when rapper J Mastermiks asks "coal wood, mamas".

Florencia Peña and her son Juan were reluctant to move and improvise choreography for the rhythm of the song which is actually a compilation of Colombian cumbers and several Argentines, which was popularized thanks to Dj Alex remix.

Duo defended himself very well – Juan is very clear with hip movements – but Felipe, Flora's son with Ramiro Ponce de León, didn't let them finish. The first appeared on stage and joined the dance and then went straight to the mobile phone and The fluttering routine ended.

"Firewood", moreover, it is based on the same name of Colombian cum, includes other tropical classics: "Naty Boom Boom" (Yerba Brava), "Laura" (Ladies Free) and Guampa Chata (Bad Fame).

"I was not worried that I was because I knew they would like it, and secondly because there are words I changed, but fortunately Mala Fama shared a video, Oscar Belondi loved it, and Lescano Him there was no drama, "said rapper J Mastermiks Viola, at the time.

Florencia Peña, in fact, is an electronic music fan. We already said that your Caribbean vacation at the Ponce de León caused a feeling from the hotel balcony to the rhythm of Avicii. The actress usually goes to this type of party with another famous person who also loves "punch punch", Marley.

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