Thursday , April 22 2021

Fleet dress and photo by Pampita and Piko Monaco

After several months, Pico Monaco and Pampita will be together again. Already there were rumors of reconciliation – it was said that they had shared in the afternoon at the tennis club – and now there are photographic evidence.

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Posted by journalist Ángel de Brito proof of what would be the third straight pair. The photo was taken at a traditional party organized by the Argentine Polo Association to congratulate Pampita on her visit with her friend Barbie Simmons this year.

The detail of the event organizer is no less: in September the model came out with Polito Pieres, an elite sport symbol, although the bond has never become a formal appearance. Pampita just said they got to know each other.

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However, Polytheism remained in the past and now Pic appears again. For a postcard, a couple? they are embroidered and the pattern clearly differs with her dress in silver sequins.

A few minutes ago Pampita displayed his appearance in the photo in his instagram account:

Pampita chose the silver dress for the best party.
Pampita chose the silver dress for the best party.

Third is this couple victory?


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