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First Fortnite and now Harry Potter

Samsung wants to get a mobile video game: first of all, Fortnite and now Harry Potter

Niantic, indicators Pokemon GO, they have a lot of work accumulated. The famous added reality game based on the popular Nintendo franchise does not stop to start the updates and the company has developed the same characteristics. about the universe of Harry Potter and prepare interactive games for promoting tourism. Now the developer could partner with Samsung create future mobile games.

According to the newspaper "Inquirer" Samsung will invest $ 40 million in Niatic to develop Galaxy's exclusive games, including Harry Potter's top-of-the-line reality. A movement that remembers the already existing Epic Games with which Fortnite was only available on some Galaxy smartphones in the first few months after you arrived on your Android device.

South Korean company plans to implement the same strategy with Pokémon GO creators Niantic, to which have proposed an exclusive contract in exchange for 40 million dollars. With this association Samsung wants to be an exclusive Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a new game in the Pokémon GO style based on the story created by JK Rowling will leave in 2019.

Samsung will invest $ 40 million in Niantic

Samsung wants to invest

Name that could be used Use S-Pen as an improvised wand in the galaxy. It is not clear at this time whether the game will come up as a modified version or as a completely new game designed for this Samsung smartphone industry.

Engagement would also be part of this association between the two companies though Pokémon GO is not included at the beginning of this agreement, which could be announced in the coming weeks. These games will arrive pre-loaded on Galaxy smartphones, as happened with the Fortnite Galaxy Note 9.

Details of the contract are currently limited, but Niantic must receive money to support its IPO, but Samsung wants to distinguish itself from its competitors, which is why both companies are needed. Everything points to this new association Galaxy users will only be able to enjoy the upcoming "Niantic" games for at least some time.

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