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Filtered video that provides more information on the possible Samsung folding phone – 01/02/2019


Less is needed every time Samsung present a device that will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the avant-garde Galaxy S line, but as is usually the case with each appointment preview leaks are the agenda. Except in this case, the responsible person who disclose the announcements ahead of time was not a specialist if not that it left the same South Korean company.

Samsung Vietnamese subsidiary accidentally released a video at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event, to be held in San Francisco, United States on February 20th, which was abolished almost immediately. In addition to the range top model (Galaxy S10 Plus), there are a number of futuristic devices on the other hand, and the expected smartphone with folding screen.

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Just in the middle of the clip appears what would be Samsung Galaxy Flexible Screen, also called Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the first contact, its appearance is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10, with a great difference that it is open as a book and displays a much larger screen. This is due to its size when folded (7.3 inches with 1536 x 2152 resolution), next to the smallest screen – 840 x 1960 – 4.58 inches to use when it's closed.

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While the upcoming flexible phone has the whole look, the video is displayed other innovations that are planned Samsung: interactive giant screens, ultrasonic devices with ultrasound and mechanical hands that enhance tattoos. We will have to wait until the February 20 event to find out which of them will actually become a reality.

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