Sunday , April 11 2021

Fernando Gago worked well

Alloy Boca Juniors before The river is wide at the end of 3 to 1 Copa Libertadores de Amrica he not only left a bad result at Xeneize. The fact is that in this duel Fernando Gago I'm seriously injured. The 32-year-old midfielder wanted to drive the ball, scoring badly and broke the Achilles tendon on his right foot. Yesterday evening, a soccer player at the La Ribera in the Agote sanatorium worked well.

At least the recovery will take Fernando for six to seven months. Given his age, Pintita can continue his career for a few more years. However, the player analyzes hanging booties and leaves the discipline, since during his career, the victims did not change his impossibility as best as possible. According to some partisan journalists, the flyer will have decided to give up discipline.

There are also rumors of what happened in the Boca Juniors locker room in Santiago Bernabeu after falling to millionaires. All Gago will have told his teammates to leave football. However, the main character is still not expressed about it. Yesterday yesterday, when he visited a medical center where Fernando Batista (his surgeon) was practicing, the steering wheel sparked a conversation with the media.

Pintida comes from suffering from other serious injuries, such as those that took place at the Copa Liberateadores de Amrica in Madrid. The 32-year-old midfielder folded his left ponytail tendon twice in 2015 and 2016, while in 2017 he had a good knee crossed internal sidewomen faced by the Argentine National Team for Peru to qualify for the Russian World Cup in 2018.

Thanks to the official announcement on his Twitter account, he said in a blue and gold box that Gago is surgically operating and has no problem with the treatment. "Fernando Gago was successful in achieving the correct flow of Achilles tendons," said the club. news about social networks. It is believed Gago's conversations in the coming days to give his judgment on the situation that he has as a hero.

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