Wednesday , April 21 2021

Fernanda Iglesias canceled the robbery of Roberto Pettinato: "I was paralyzed"

"I will give you the first time because there are so many things that one remembers." Complaint about Thelma Fardín against Juan Darthés This helped many women to be encouraged to report that they have been victims of violence or harassment for some time in their lives.

Fernanda Iglesias, who had shown his public support for Karina Mazzocco, Josefina Pouso, Emilija Claudeville, among others, against Roberto Pettinato, discovered that in 2009, when they shared, he lived with the driver Ideal world American Screen

"When I happened to have been masturbating in front of me, inside of the dressing room", to his colleagues' surprise See you – The cycle was led by Denise Dumas and José María Listorti, a deputy adds: "Strong, right?".

He then explained that Pettinato "seemed normal" in this situation. "Unfortunately that's the case," he said, and continued to tell him what he was doing: "I was paralyzed, I'm nervous laughing, as usually happens in these cases, and I'm leaving."

(Fernando Iglesias's Denunciation of Roberto Pettinato – Video: Let's See, El Nueve)

"The worst thing is that I did not watch it because it made me naturalized. Only now I fell that it was not right. Therefore, I support all the girls, "added a journalist who was not currently in the Partner Program Panel, led by Pettinato.

Given the impunity that she felt to be the leader, Iglesias invited her to accompany her with her friend on a cycle to make sure she had Roberto persuaded. Later, Amalia Granata and Luli Fernández will join. "I think that Lulu needs to be the same because there were no women from it"he suggested and added that makeup artists and producers were also harassed: "Maybe they do not dare to say it out of fear, but it was normal, he was the same."

(Roberto Pettinato cries with irony to accusations against her – Video: Let's See, El Nueve)

"I have never had a report about it. It was very natural. I did it all. Today, I do not mean to condemn it, but I support the girls who did it and I ask them to believe them. For many years, I worked with her and I know that it was. He was not alone with me. It was naturalized that he touched you, he grabbed you, he wanted to try to kiss you … ", Fernanda Iglesias completed his story about Roberto Pettinato.

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