Monday , October 18 2021

"Feminism" cools. "They mix when …" Tartu is very hard with Jimen Barn and her friends!


Anna Chiara, daughter of Andrea del Boca and Ricardo Biasotti, was great at her father's magazine Caras, and did not hesitate to start strong accusations against her: When I was with her, I didn't feel respect, I was sitting at home, I didn't feel loved. I remember that after I wrote a letter to the judge, telling him that he was watching me at the family dinner and I didn't understand why. Then he looked at me and said: Ten scents cu **, I don't want you to be next to me. "

Speaking of morning in Los Angeles, Amalia (who was a Biassotti partner in 2004) came out to defend the entrepreneur. "I can assure you that the situations she reveals are not true, see how the mother looked at her while she explained the situation, I'm afraid of this mother because it was like watching every word about what the girl said with a woman with a menacing look at Mir, I can talk about her because I'm a friend, I know her, we had a nice relationship and we are friends today. When I meet her, the baby will be about four years old, I've never seen her, because there were so many conflicts that we avoided adding one more.

When asked why she was so confident that Chiara's statements were not true, she added: I live with her. He cannot say this phrase, he is a man who is not aggressive and does not control this vocabulary. I saw his fight for this girl, they made their life impossible. Since I saw him at the weekend, everything was so complicated, there was always a conflict, always a story. All this was to avoid meeting, and when he gave himself, Andrea was calling him all the time, he didn't let her enjoy this meeting.

According to him, Granata received the attacks of feminism rapporteurs, which caused difficult criticism of Augusto Tartu Tartufoli, former Vernica Lozano and Jorge Rial star, who told sto? They are diverted when Jimmy Barn says that her former (who will be accused of attempted murder) was divine with her. But Granata was killed when she arrested Biasotti, saying she was divine (sic) with her.

It is good to remember that in the context of the situation that former Rodrigo Romero, a former partner of Jerry Barn, accused him of having to practice prostitution, trying to kill him with a bullet and for three consecutive days before which Fool singer said: My relationship with him was perfectly normal . Only when everything became more serious, I knew that he wasn't my friend, that he didn't know how to spend me the way I wanted. Nothing more

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