Monday , October 18 2021

Favorable ruling for Argentina: Steel exports to Europe will be exempt from tariffs


From this year steel exports to the European Union (EU) countries can enter the common market without paying additional tariffs.

Free entry will be possible after the country is excluded from the list of countries that will be subject to protectionist measures (known as security measures) in steel products to enter the European single market.. For the government, achieving this exception is a "one-off achievement", as confirmed by Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie.

The main steel products exported are rolled steel sheets and strips, seamless steel tubes, tin line products and metal plates. At points According to the sources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2012 – 2017, the freight transport from the steel industry to the EU accumulated 188 million euros.

In March 2018, the European Commission launched an investigation into the imposition of safeguard measures on almost all imports of steel products and over 300 tariff lines were grouped into 28 groups of investigated goods.

The request for an exemption from Argentina, approved today by the European Regulatory Authority, prevented the application of protectionist measures as a 25% tariff on steel products entering the European market from Argentina.

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