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Fardin's Step: "She already wanted to discover a couple of moms about the same lie" – 01/19/2019


Carla Lezcano, half of Telma Fardin's sister, was in an interview with Cordova radio in recent days. There he openly said that "don't believe" that Juan Darthés has raped the actress as she condemned. The facts that would have happened in Patito Feo's tour of Nicargua. But there are now new fragments of this note where nurses are expanding on this topic.

"She is already wanted to discover a couple of moms for the same lie, "said Lezcano, and continued," Why did Thelma know my mother about Darthés and she told her that her partner wanted her to be excited? .

In this last question, the woman expanded, "The man told my mother," I love you very much, I thank you, but I would not lie to this girl. "

As it became known in recent hours, Lezcano went to live with aunt when he condemned José Luis Fardin for sexual abuse. Fardin's lawyer Sabrina Cartabia replied to her sayings: "The sister is injured because Thelma's father was raped by us, we knew it could happen."

The defendant was sentenced to 15 years in prison "Increased Juvenile Corruption"by Bariloche's Second Criminal Chamber in 2000 under the El Cordillerano site.

One month after denunciation Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés for her rape when she was 16 years old, the actress sister denied her in the same radio interview. "I'm sure Darthés hasn't raped her," said Carla Lezcano.

A woman living in the south would be the "main witness" she would come up with Fernando Burlando as part of the defense of the accused actor Nicaragua. CartabiaFardin's lawyer said Clarin it is "very weak" proof because "half sister talks about something she believes. She says," I don't believe her. "And justice is not based on conviction, it is defined by evidence"The complaining team stated that it had decided to give evidence in the Nicaragua court to the Ugly duck twin actresses whom Fardin told them about what had happened during the trip.

Cartabia explained to Clarin that they decided not to announce what happened to Thelma's sister. "Because it was sister privacy", the lawyer replied. He added: "You have to respect the victims. You should not expose these episodes without the consent of the person who lived it," he said.

The actress's representative also explained what she thought when she told her that Carla's accusations against Thelma were weak. "She said," I don't believe her. "This is what she believes or not. It cannot be seen as evidence of what one believes, he explained. Speaking of Fardin's complaint, he said that "tests have already been offered to the Nicaragua Court and that they" are waiting for their production schedule to be set ".

"We still have to wait for the Prosecutor's Office in Managua to accept that the Argentine prosecutor's office accept the testimony," says Cartabia, "and sends it to the country where the complaint is made." Otherwise, Maria Sol and Belén Berecoechea (also part of the ugly duck) will have to drive. In addition to these, "there are more witnesses," he confirmed Clarin.

His father's sister lives with her aunt because her mother "lost control" years ago, she said. In addition to not being raped by Juan Darthés, a few years ago she admitted being raped. "When it happened to me, they checked me on the nails, I have thousands of skills and research," he said, and said he disagreed "ten years later to denounce".

Thelma Fardin. His half sister spoke to the radio and defended Ariel Grinberg

Thelma Fardin. His half sister spoke to the radio and defended Ariel Grinberg

The woman accused the actress directly: she affirmed that she had "psychological and psychological problems" that she "wanted to commit suicide" and that in case of sexual abuse "I would have told him to look for fame".

Sabrina Cartabia, Actress of the Actress (Germán García Adrasti)

Sabrina Cartabia, Actress of the Actress (Germán García Adrasti)

If this testimony is indeed added to the Nicaragua case file, Cartaby explained that "they should file it in a case and it should be weighed with other evidence taken by the investigating and judges to obtain procedural truth."

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