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Eyes with ticks: how to treat a pet and disinfect a house


They may be your pet. And also respect your body. They can cause a skin reaction, cause anemia and even carry a serious illness. We are talking about ticks, parasites that appear in today's heat and humidity everywhere. Therefore, we must act very carefully. A recent report by the Health Ministry has confirmed that two people have died due to tick-borne illness in Salta this year. Although these fatal cases are not common, there are many pathologies that can pass on to us.

Taking into account their condition, when the blood vessels (they feed on blood), ticks denote the experts as they are disease vectors or transmitters, which pose a threat to animal and human life (zoonoses).

One of the most serious pathologies that can be transmitted is called rickety. In general, and by 2018 Salta had seven cases of this disease, two of which were lethal.

Although authorities informed that there were no complaints about this pathology in Tukumana, we should be careful, warns the veterinarians Sebastian Rivadeneira, Provincial Health System (Siprosa) Zooosis Division.


An adult organ can leave a large amount of eggs in the house. In these rain and warm days, it's possible that many homes are full of these parasites. If there's an animal at home, most ticks will try to climb it. There is also the possibility that they are looking for human food. For this reason, Rivadeneira claims that it is essential not only to disinfect our pets, but also to fumigate the houses inside and out.

How can I tell if a girl has caught me? Most of the time, they cause inflammation of the skin, which results in itching (scratching), scratching and anxiety. "It is not always when we cuddle that we develop the disease, and only occasionally it can be deadly, it happens when they are vectors, for example, Salta have been detected. It should be noted that this is a pathology that wildlife is more visible than pets" he said.

Rodrigo GarciaThe head of Animal Adaptation and Relocation Center (Cenara) believes that lack of awareness: It is believed that we are only confident when we destroy the mites of our pet, when these parasites live in the environment. "Yes or yes, you have to change the home," he says. Veterinarian data that over the past decades, ticks have been getting a lot of ground because of bad habits and resistance they create antiparasitics.

"Usually their bites are not lethal, but they can cause many problems, sometimes causing silent illnesses. In the castration operations we conducted in the districts, we observed a lot of ticks," he says.

And he points out that one of the biggest mistakes made by animal owners is mite-breaking: "Usually a bird's skin device usually operates during the same operation that may be infected or react to the formation of nodules in the body."

Lotions and shampoos

García and Rivadeneira stressed that today many products are attacking the presence of ticks for both pets and home. Tablets are usually the most effective. There are also lotions and shampoos, pipettes and snacks. Another important issue is to clean dogs and cats regularly, which most people do only when they are puppies.

But that does not work, if we only act on the animal, they insist, because the mites feed, and then bend from the animal to place the eggs at home. "Liquids come to fumigation at home, they cost $ 80. There's no need to hire an expert; just follow the instructions, use gloves, mask and be careful not to eat food," says Garcia.

In places where there are more fumigations at home: chairs, dark corners, porous walls and backgrounds.

As for the habit of sleeping with pets, the question is: can I get infected if my dog ​​is infected? It's possible that the tick is sticking to your skin; It does not happen very often because they prefer hair to the body. In any case, if you are sleeping with your dog, and it has been or is a tick, visit a doctor. If the test that requires you to identify anyone will require an antibiotic.

> Bacterial pathology
What is a malaise?

Ricketcosis, a disease that has hit seven people this year, Salta, is a bacterial pathology that causes fever and skin damage and carries mites. Ticks get this evil after infected animals, they are usually wildlife.
Cases were also found in Cordoba, San Juan, Jujuy and La Pampa. To carry the human body, the crochet should be added to the body for at least six hours. If left untreated, it can cause edema, circulatory collapse, anemia, delirium, and even patient coma.
It is completely curable if it is determined at a time, but it can be fatal if it is not used in time due to the failure of many organs, "said Dr. Griselda Rangeon, director of the epidemiology of the Salta province.

> Essential activities
– Maintain a house for weeds because ticks are usually found in pasture.
– Use a repellent, including spraying all the clothes.
– If our pet has ticks, treat the animal and fumigate the house.
– Go to the doctor before the first symptoms appear, such as fever and red skin rash.
– If you notice the presence of ticks, do not remove it.

> Castration service
This week's trailer will be Villa Amalia
Citizens of the Metropolitan Adaptation and Animal Movement Center mobile veterinary surgery will provide free pet supplies to villagers around Villa Amalia this week. From today until friday, from noon 9.00 to 18.00, both mobile phones are located on 363 Eudoro Aráoz Street between Las Heras and Congreso. Before intervention animals must be more than six months old and fast for 12 hours from solid and liquid food.

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