Sunday , April 11 2021

"Exhibitonism seems like …" Wanda Nara crumbled

Lace is one of the most famous, which produces more impact. Salt to fame with a polycarbonist phrase, soon became the wife of Maxi Lpez, completed his Polymic relationship with a football player, and married Mauro Icardi, his current pair. It's about Wanda naraShe is the mother of five children, an Inter player, leader and one of the most questionable medical representatives about their exhibitionism and luxury luxury.

According to PrimiciasYa, Wanda was an example of a journalist when he talked about his radio program for millions of Argentine millionaires, and she is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the list. Marcelo Longobardi was the one mentioned, the radio director runs the Radio Miter program and, speaking with his partner, Mara Isabel Snchez, talked about the birthday lace lace.

wanda nara marcelo longobardi

"They saw how wandering Nara's birthday was glamorous." Mauro gave him an old man with a value of $ 200,000, and if he did not have enough, after his birthday, a flight to Madrid was taken to see the game, "was puntapi Diktor, listened to Sanchez statements, Marcelo could not take the opportunity and cut off his partner and joined this question.

Longobardi began to mention the abundance of the last Nara, and it was difficult to show his opinion: "I do not know what glamorously means there are certain disadvantages of crowding, garbage and inadequate austerity." Mara Isabel wanted to create a little humor and replied, "You You are not invited, you are injured, and you spoke in spite of ".

The commentator's comment did not agree with Marcelo Longbourdi and it was more: "It seems to you that your birthday ends in all the magazines, that they give you Bentley and go everywhere … It seemed like a bad taste, it's all bad," a manifesto. Later, she continued to release and removed her older sister, Naru, to say she was not an influential person, and indicated that such performances are characteristic of American movie stars, but not her.

To put an end to the debate, the character of the radio cycle responded to Marie Isabel Snchez: "If you tell me that these showable shows feature Hollywood actress …, but Wanda Nara, we do not know what role it fulfills," he finished.

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