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El Lobo broke the bar with a good win against direct rivalry


Pedro Troglio set won 3 to 1 in the forest with goals from Faravelli, Coronel and A. Gómez and returned to win after three months

Gymnastics won 3 to 1 local Tigre, one of the games that opened 17th. Argentine de Fútbol (SAF) date and three-month cut, unable to win the local competition.

The Troglio group did not easily overcome the visitor, but he did it at the final stage of the complex. Lorenzo Faravelli had opened an account with almost a carom, but Matador came to attract him to Silveir.

However, the wolf retrieved its goals from Maxi Coronel and Alexi Gómez to end the end result and break the rough patch just before the direct competitor for permanence.

About this commitment, Pedro Troglio finally struck the merger and stopped the five-line line of defense against Maxi Coronel, as well as recorded Matías Gómez. For this purpose, they left the team Lucas Licht and Horacio Tijanovich, who had been starting from Atlético in Tucuman.

At the beginning of the game there was friction and a fight in the middle, and none of the teams worried about the goalkeepers. Both lack a bang and a player who broke the line to make development monotonous and boring.

To 17 Tigrei, who reached a quarter of an hour and a little better, and almost zeroed with Federico González's volleyball, who got Martin Arias on foot.

But the wolf was difficult and very dangerous. The Troglio team, although sometimes with three markings in the background, couldn't move to the field thanks to repeated mistakes that appeared at the beginning.

The visit returned to reach 34 years after there was a new mistake in albiazula, but Walter Montillo's attempt over Martin Arias was just high.

Only at the age of 35 he had his first gymnastics. It was through Matías Gómez, who headed the counterattack in the center and ended up outside, though he was very diverted.

At the final stage of the first stage, the site could make more foot in the field and try a little improvement. At 38 Maxi Comba appeared on the left and threw a strong cross that erased Gurucea when Silva entered; but after a minute, from corner of Ayala, Guifre didn't answer it because he didn't get into the heart of the neighborhood at all.

However, the latter was a visitor who took a good counter-attack, ending with Galmarini with his right hand, which he gave to the net.

He added Brian Mansilla from the beginning to the Troglio supplement. And the first thing he played almost broke the score. Former Racing had a good opportunity to attack in the middle, but remembered their instructions to focus on wing attacks instead.

Until the goal was 9 minutes and almost a carambola. As Lorenzo Faravelli threw the ball out of the field, Matīas Gómez obviously missed the Guruceaga, which was bad, so the ball crossed the line asking for permission. At the dawn of the second act, the wolf found what he needed as water.

At 23, Martín Arias retained a strong pass to overcome the crossbar, a good free kick by Morales. But anyway, two minutes later, when the entered Silveir had two options in the same game, the second – with the help of a ball in the middle of the arc when the goalkeeper was on the ground.

Brian Mansilla walked in the second wolf when the clock celebrated 32 minutes, but after a good individual game, Southpaw defined the wrong sending when he beat the crossbeam. The same Mansilla, who was spicy and skillful, tried again at 34 and answered Gurucea.

With 38 minutes played, the Uruguay goalkeeper could not do anything to stop the Coronel goal after Víctor Ayala hit the ball hard from the edge of the penalty box. When the ball was still there, the wolf was once again at the top of the game.

And for 41 recorded and debutant Alexi Gómez, he was hung at an angle to extend the advantage in the game agony. Perūna claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them – possession being unbeatable.

After the former university student's excitement at the celebration, there was a little more to stand out because gymnastics could retain the advantage of defending itself from the bow. Wolf returned to triumph after three months in the Super League (victory 2-1 against Boca) and took a breath in the fight for landing.


Gymnastics: Alexis Martín Arias; Víctor Ayala, Manuel Guanini, Maximiliano Coronel, Germán Guiffrey and Gonzalo Piovi; Maximiliano Comba, Franco Mussis, Lorenzo Faravelli and Matías Gómez; Santiago Silva DT: Pedro Troglio.

Tigre: Gastón Gurucea; Martín Galmarini, Gerardo Alcoba, Ignacio Canuto and Diego Sosa; Lucas Menossi and Colazo; Diego Morales and Walter Montillo; Federico González and Lucas Janson. DT: Mariano Echeverría.

Goals: ST: 9 & # 39; Faravelli G); 27 Silveira (T); 38 Coronel 8 (G), 41 & # 39; A. Gómez (G)

Congratulations: Rodríguez, (T), Ayala and Gómez (G)

Changes: ST, beginning: Mansilla with Guifre (G); 14 González and Morales Janson (T); 17 Bolívar by Mussis (G); 34 & # 39; A. Gómez by Faravelli (G); 35 Cavallaro no Colazo (T)

Judge: Jorge Baliño.
Stadium: Juan Carlos Zerrillo (La Plata).

Radio: The Round 100.3

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