Wednesday , March 22 2023

Due to the increase in rates, electricity, gas, water and telephone bills increased


According to the digital financial services company MONI, according to information on its payment platform, with more than 31,000 transactions, the largest increase in deposit payments was gas bills, outside 55% increased the number of operations and 130% paid out in the pesos.

This is followed by water supply, with growth 49% and 99% respectively. In the next stage, the payment will be financed in installments electricity bills increased 39% number of transactions and 87% volume pesos. With significantly lower increments -. T. telephony they showed an increase of 18% in the volume of transactions and the amount of pesos paid in installments of 31%..

Within this trend, which marks the change in the use of digital payment service users, Last year, the share of service payments in installments tripled compared to service unit payments.

Thus, the opportunity to finance by credit reached 18% of total payments for utilities was transferred to the platform in December 2018, but in December of the previous year only 6% used the option of contributions.

By completing the panorama, the data provided by MONI indicates that 18% of them were able to finance the loan, 68% did this with a 3-part plan and 32% with a 6-payment plan.

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"Although cash is still being handled by Argentina for its day-to-day operations and bill payments, the use of transfers and digital payments is showing steady growth on a monthly basis.he confirmed Juan Pablo BruzzoCEO of MONI.

"In some cases, it is a convenient and practical solution to avoid cash payment complications and other countries to cope with a situation where raising the tariff complicates the family economy", he added.

The use of this digital payment platform has increased 180% number of transactions and 403% volume pesos year-on-year (December 2018 against December 2017).

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