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Donald Trump, who is shameful with General Motors: "We saved them and so they thank us"

In preparation for a visit to Argentina to attend the G20 summit, President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has downloaded Twitter with his anger against General Motors for his statement on the closure of four factories in the United States. and cut from thousands of employees

"Very disappointed with General Motors and its chief executive Mary Barra, to close down the plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. They did not close anything in Mexico or China. The United States retained GM, and This is the confirmation we received"Missing tweeted.

The crisis he cited is 2009, when the Detroit giant proclaimed himself bankrupt and the US government, then with Barack Obama at the wheel funded the salvation of millionaires.

"We are learning reduce all subsidies to GM, including electric cars. General Motors, before the big companies in China, when they built the plants (and in Mexico), I do not think the rate is worth it. I am here to protect American workers!", Continued the president, furious, his desired social network.

According to CNN, following the Trump statements of the automaker's operations They dropped to 3.8%.

GM announces 2019 plans to cease production of six models and dismissal of 15% of employees. With this restructuring, they plan a total savings USD 6,000 million.

Industrial centers next year they close their doors These are Oshwa (Canada), Lordstow (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), White Swamps (Maryland) and Warren (Michigan). The last four are located United States of America

In Argentina General Motors manufactures the Chevrolet Cruze Santa Fe, one of only six models that will be discontinued in the United States.

The sources of the company in the country testified to him TN Cars that situation in the USA do not change plans Continue Cruze production on both the sedan and the hatchback version, nor invest in the U 500 million dollars for to develop a new model in 2020.

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