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"Do not Do It", a request from a police officer for a 15-year-old thief who threatens to kill himself – August 28, 2012

The thieves do not know what to do if the corps is surrounded by police officers who are in possession of their weapons. It's lost. She is 15 years old and has a length of 9 mm with which he just pointed to the store and plundered less than a thousand pesos.

The scene takes place in the center of Mar del Plata. "Release the weapon, release it," several police officers immediately cry. The boy is hesitant, seems to be betrayed and not the tension reaches the limit, screws the weapon and rests on the head.

"No, do not do it!", makes a vote for a woman who stands out above the other: "I have a brother, your age," she says, and when she has the attacker's attention, she asks other her attendants to take her responsibility and gradually convince her.

This is Sergeant Maria Victoria Salinas, who is entrusted to the patrol team who He finally managed to convince the young thief. Following the horror that was created when several patrols arrived at Catamarca near Cumulus Luro, in the center and two blocks from the first police station, and a frenzied shout in the form of a soldier throwing a gun to the ground, Sergeant Salinas, was cautiously able to reach it.

The attacker is 15 years old and has responded to UFI's juvenile delinquency, under the direction of Marcelo Yánes Urruti. Earlier, he was attacked on Rialavia and on September 20 by the seven lanes he was arrested from.

He held the income he had in the box for the merchant, 960 pesos.

It happened on Monday afternoon. The police ordered the area stores to reduce the blinds. The thief, named Diego, wore a camperon and a cap that did not see him. When he finally draws attention, Sergeant Salinas asks him to "not do it" (the thief had pointed his head with a weapon that was ready to shoot, screwed it), and promises that nothing would happen to her.

He tells him about his family, a brother of his own age. He succeeds: the criminal supports the weapon on the ground and is stopped.

The boy was handed over to the Juvenile Detention Center in Batangas for a reason "The theft of weapons intensified". The agents seized the 9 mm Browning brand gun and regained the revenue from the trade that he had attacked.

Later on Twitter, Cristian Ritondo, Security Minister of Buenos Aires, underlined Sergeant's action: "Mary Victoria escaped from crime and eliminated her death," he wrote: "In the fight against crime, we must avoid crime and more. However, the innocent death of a cop is life's greatest benefit, too the one who committed the crime.

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