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Diego Topa honors his classic program

More than four seasons Diego Topa He has become the idol of thousands and thousands of children. Now that he just finished recording the fifth season of Junior Express, a sad message was added: this was his last participation in the program.

Through social networks, he showed his gratitude and regret that he left "Junior express"whose last season will be visible next year." Thank you for choosing us all your days of life to grow up with the most beautiful wealth of your children, "he wrote.

He thanked Disney for trusting in this project and closed: "With this laugh, singing and healthy entertainment, we managed to make it classical, these five years will remain in every heart until the next trip!"

It was in 2013 when Topa leapt on the stardom. He became one of the boys' favorites, who followed the division after the chapter of his character, where we saw a captain who travels with a crew of friends in giving observations. The successes moved to other countries and even to the stages of the festival, as various theaters offered concerts in the full room.


"The main thing is humor, music, good content"he said that means last year during the visit. He added: "Teamwork, I'm cooperating with the Los Rulas group and I'm still a kid, I think Captain Topa is a sweater, but it has a great team of people who does it."

On the question of whether he himself saw that he would do other things in the future, he replied: "I'm so comfortable where I am, I do not think about it, I'll be in front of the camera until the body gives me. But I like it too production, and if I had the Future to face another project, it would be for the whole family, comedy, type Big Pa, something that I do not want away from a family audience. " Thus, the idol phase is closed, but, of course, it opens another one so important.

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