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Diego Reinhold left the mobile but returned, picked up the microphone and complained in the air – 31/01/2019

Everything went smoothly. Diego Reinhold (45) wrote a letter from Villa Carlos Paz to Summer flower, program Flower Flower (43) leads City Magazinewhen a series of persistent issues They made it difficult and unexpectedly abandoned the mobile phone.

Rudeness against the air that struck everyone happened this Wednesday when the leader of the cycle floor, "Pampito "Perello Aciar began to learn about Diego's membership Dancing 2014.

"It was a controversial year for you, you were in the eyes of a storm … so I asked …"The journalist said when he saw the interviewee did not respond.

"But contradictory, why?"The comedian stopped," Because you fought with everyone. You fought Nacha (Guevara), by Angel (No Brito). So I say it, ”replied Perello Aciar.

"How about Angel? No, I don't understand …"Reinhold accused."Yes, with Ángel de Brito and Nacha Guevara you fought. Am I crazy?"Pampito repeated.

"Nachu nothing more"said the actor, referring to the strong fight with the singer when she had to evaluate her dance on the dance floor. ShowMatch. "And also with Angel de Brito", the journalist insisted.

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"I just don't understand why to tell Angel. What was the Fight with the Angel?"The humorist hurried him at that point.

Then Perello tried to remember him: " Summer flower, which is very fast, just found crossing with Angel de Brito. I don't remember, but it was … "

But Reinhold did not let him finish. "Oh, how heavy, guys"exclaimed the actor while he stopped, he went back and left it on a chair in seconds before he did a mobile

"No, I don't like to stay like a liar. The fight was because they didn't have so many monologues"Pampito finished, although Diego was no longer listening to him.

"What a little tolerance!"The journalist complained at the moment about a laugh Rocío Marengo (38) thought: "What happens is that Nahuel (chronicle who was on the cell phone) It's so loving that you spoil Pampito … which is an ugly moment"

"Guys, what happened?– Suddenly asked Flor, a serious and worrying tone Mar del Platawhere he does the season with music Well Argentina.

"Two minutes I'm careless and you take one of your mobile phones "Pampito!" Added by drivers, laughter, the expert couldn't even explain what had just happened and while The camera showed Reinhold leaving the place, suddenly something unexpected happened again.

That is, when the actor realized he was still in the air, he went back, picked up the microphone and complained: "400 pesos spent gas and fees come here. So no, guys, that's all. I came here to treat it"

"We don't take it badly, we asked. If I do not like something, it is unworthy people on television. I try not to, and my motto is that everything can be asked as long as it is with dignity and the other answers he wants, ”concluded Pampito.

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