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Daniel Angelici confirmed that Guillermo Barros Schelotto will not be continued in Boca – 12-14-2018

For weeks, there was an open secret on Bombonera corridors, this Friday was confirmed by Boca President Daniel Angelici: Guillermo Barros Schelotto will keep ahead of the team. The last Mellizo Cycle game was a painful loss on Sunday against the river at the Copa Libertadores final, which was played in Madrid.

"We talked with love and love with Guillermo and Gustavo, the club had to make a decision and We realized that Boca was the best to start the year with a change"he explained Angelici at the stadium's press conference with the outgoing coach, with whom he had arrived for a while. "In no way did I understand, I'm sure it is"we'll see you soon"" he predicted.

"I have in mind that I have imported a technical team that I always wanted before I won my first election. Although I have a bitter feeling, I want to thank you for the two titles we have achieved and for the fight against this Copa Libertadores to the last instance."added the president.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto, arriving Bombonera this Friday.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto, arriving Bombonera this Friday.

Guillermo thanked for "leadership, employees and players as their work is being tried in court, but it is necessary for their leadership and those working in the club to be supported." "And I also want to thank the fans for how they behaved over me in these three years, I have no word to say what I felt when they filled Bombonera, and when they spoke with us on the day we went to Madrid, they is incredible, "he noted.

His words were very short twins, iron behind his cuirass, but obviously moved. "Our decision is Boca's best"he said just before talking voluntarily without talking to journalists." There are a lot of questions that they may have and what I want to avoid today. I want to go peacefully, because I gave it all. I do not want to be fair, "he explained.

With the assurance of the coach retirement he had since March 2016 and gave the club two local titles (tournament 2016/17 and Superliga 2017/18), Angelici escaped the signals of replacing Guillermo. "I've never spoken personally", underlined the title xeneize, who also did not indicate if the club would look for a sports director.

The list of candidates made in the air during the last hours of the departure of Barro Šhelotto is wide-ranging and includes Miguel Ángel Russo, José Pekerman, Antonio Mohamed, Gustavo Alfaro, Gabriel Heinze, Rolando Schiavi, Martín Palermo and even Luiz Felipe Scolari . As for the sports director, Nicolás Burdisso is one who seems stronger to play this role.

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