Tuesday , September 21 2021

"Dancing": Wick Viciconte remembered the old intersection with Laurita Fernández from Fede Hoppe!

"War" between Mica Viciconte and Laurita Fernandes was released as soon as the current edition Dancing and it seems that there is no end. Every once in a while To fight returning to the most famous route in the country is restored with new confrontation with a jury

This time the current couple Fabián Cubero He remembered the episode he had with Nicolas Cabré's girlfriend. but from the moment she was dating Fede Hoppe.

"Is it true that you had a problem with Laurita With Hoppe? "he asked Angel De Brito, who already had some information.

And she replied: "When Hoppe was with Laura appeared his image in the restaurant. It was seen that her girl returned to her and Lau sent me a message similar to Flor Vigna. "Che, are you Hoppe?"he asked me."

"I was dating zero. I said: "You see, I do not know, with which you handle the codes, I'm not with Hoppe, I'm not interested." And she sent a much worse message to the group To fight that we, with many men and women, said: "I want to know, tell me about who is with it Hoppe ". No one said anything, "he concluded, admired with ironic laughter.

"I no longer explain anything, do not do, say what you want, invent and continue to build the stories you want"he confined himself to making a jury, while he drew paper, reducing the meaning of the words Mica.

"Eh, he asks me Marcelo and I answer Obviously you do not want to talk, because if you do not have to say that you are writing for that, write to each otherhe writes 200 mines about the issue of insecurity … Then you will not answer, and you should do what you did, "concluded Viciconte, a shame.

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