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"Dancing 2018": Sol Peréz has revealed what makes her most difficult for her former football players

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She is one of the most beautiful and desirable women in Argentina. However, during the entertainment, men generally did not treat her very well. So he recognized the path Dancing the same Sol Peress, who did not have the best experience in choosing their former footballers.

"Indeed, when you went out with football players like Exequiel Palacios, Did he tell you about Aristotle? I'm dead here"he asked Marcelo Tinelli when she announced that she liked the men who talked to him about the "philosophy of life".

"We sat there and we talked about life "she replied. "We all are talking about life," he said.

"No, we are talking about how you face the challenges that you want for your life, there is one, I will not say who who said to me:" What do you want for your life? I want to be a millionaire. "You are saying this because you say," No, you can not be a millionaire in life. "For example, when I turn around for years, I cross my fingers and say," My three wishes are that I want to be happy. "That includes everything. I was a very rude guy who, because of my birthday, gave me a coupon ", said the former time girl.

"It's football players who are half confiscatedDid you live it or not? ¿Magallán Boka was caught? "he advised Tinelli.

"There was another worse thing that gave me gifts, well-known one river at that time. I prefer that he gave me chocolate, but he exchanged me with the clothes he gave me"she acknowledged.

"Soccer Shorts, River Bucits?" Asked by Vice President San Lorenzo.

"No, for example the women's shoe brand that they sponsored"The sun was sincerity." It is confiscatedThey are rats. I invited a lot, "he added, to show it an anecdote.

"He gave me coupons for dinner and never brought me to lunch." Moms are a witness, I told him, "Tell me when we go." But he replied that I did not have time. And when we finally went, the coupon had already passed, so I finally paid for it."concluded the participant Dancingwho, having consulted about the equipment to which the man in question belonged, was limited to playing in National B.

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