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D & # 29; Onofrio resent Angelici: "Come play, you can win, we're not so good"

River President Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio today he canceled the political correctness and invited it Daniel Angelici his pair of Boca, so that his team plays in the final Copa Libertadores de América 2018: "Stop giving vintage, I came to play" started

Leader in this regard Millionaire he added: "You gave me my name, Conmebol President and I do not pay attention to what they say. Take into account the position that you must take, here the attitude of the world is used.

All the text by Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio

• "Yesterday President CONMEBOL asked us something very logical: we are trying to avoid violence, that football is a game, all I have told you in recent weeks, that we end up with this war with who loses what I know. what can happen to them, because we get nervous ".

• "I do not think in any way that those who did what they were doing were nervous about what was said about the game, those who do not have to take football or live with normal people. I have no interest in knowing who they are is nobody so far able to show me what they have, I have no idea, it's weird. "

• "At this point, I can not believe that Daniel has no respect for the Conmebol president, against me, against the river when we signed a document aimed at delaying the game for 24 hours play the game on saturday Chairman Conmebol asked me: "Can they play?" and he said he believed that yes according to how the players were affected and we decided to postpone the contract. I never thought that they wrote that night to ask questions about the game points. "

• "Angeligi did not answer his name, lost what he signed. He has reasons, he explained his reasons, and I do not discuss them, because I want to make a peaceful fever. On Sunday, when I was called and the President of Conmebol, I was told that it was convenient for him to stop President Infantino at his side … fool, but good, if the players were not in conditions … River does not want to have a sports advantage, and therefore we were looking for a day that could be played "

• "Yesterday, at Conmebol, I saw that they returned to submit more of the message page they ask for points, and I'm going to make a reflection: yesterday, after a person close to the President of the country, he informed me, at the request of the President, that I should be wanted to play on Sunday and it is logical, because he knows what Argentina means for this image, he knows that the whole world is waiting for this game and that the whole world saw the shame that happened on Saturday, which is clear and very clear it was a security mistake by people that nobody wants to accuse a river; this is already part of a great creative ability. It is clear here that Boca does not want to play … now: why do not they want to play? Come to court and play it, you can win, right? Believe me, we are not so good, they can beat us. "

• "We have to stop this stupidity, the world is watching us and we are terribly coming to the world." End up with this stupidity, wanting to invent that the party wants to win something that the river has nothing to do "

• "I tell him the President of the country, because he sent me a message: summon Angelici: take me, Barroso Schelotto, Gallardo, players … take the picture together and we will show that there was a bad moment that there was a security mistake that there are some people who can not even be close to football, I do not even know if they had tickets because they were out of the ring where they had to be monitored. "

• "Let's show the world that it's logical that some can not beat us that security could be wrong for people, but they can guarantee us."

• "If the president of Bocas watch me, finish it, stop the presentation of plywood, come to play, play the game, do not think you signed with me, you gave your name, with Conmebol president and me, the case of those who tell you that you have to do it . I think you have a name and they take you to something that you do not have to do. Take note of the position you need to take, do not waste anything, fill out unnecessary pages continuously. Here it is useful to show the attitude of the world. In life, you must have values, I have no more, no less than anyone, I speak about the values ​​of my beloved country, and I'm not talking about the president of the river, but as a citizen. "

• "I feel great pain and since I have been one of the most important clubs in Argentina and have been involved in this, I repeat, I repeat: a security error, it is assumed that the minister resigned, there were many things, we have not invented anything, but enough of it, enough really, will prove that we are logical. "

• "Mr President, invite us and say that this game has to be launched in Argentina, and we are not vandalists. For them, we destroy them and destroy them means removing them with the fan ID, with something, finish it. "

• "On Saturday, when I found out what had happened, I went to Boca's sleeping quarters and from there I began to live it, I never stopped and the coffee taste is no longer the same today. "

• "We need to get an understanding as soon as possible, We will not delay what the TAS counterfeiters are enough speeches that serve only those who do not have to be soccer. In order for them to do what they want, I call the logic. "

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