Wednesday , April 21 2021

Curry to prevent cancer?

(ANSA) – A multidisciplinary team of researchers in Chile to create an emulsion based on a molecule turmeric – used as a spice in different millennium cultures, which allowed them to prevent reappearance cancer and metastasis in 100% treated animals with only one dose.

This team is part of the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDis), an exploratory excellence benchmark aimed at identifying the genetic, environmental and social elements that determine cardiovascular disease and cancer in the Chilean population to offer alternatives for prevention or control.

An academician at the University of Chile, Argentinean biochemist Marcel Kogen, who specializes in nanomedicine, highlighted the importance of research into chronic diseases and showed that 52% of the deaths in this country are related to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

"Chronic diseases are a threat to Chile's quality of life, taking into account the risk factors for epidemics affecting children over 45 and children." At a press conference by Felipe Oyarzún, a researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences and ACCDiS, he explained that the main body of the human body is water, which means that the medicine should be soluble. "

But there are many molecules in the treatment of cancer that do not dissolve in water, so they are not effective; It should be added to this that most treatments contain toxic elements that kill both bad and good cells. "Curcumin is a fragile and highly unstable molecule that can be rapidly destabilized without functional use, with the exception of effective effects." We created nanoviruses that are protected much longer, which suggests a lasting impact on the administration site, "explains Oyarzún.

It also demonstrated the safety of the formula when it is used at many doses that are much higher than those needed to inhibit tumor rebound and metastasis. They explained that the application was before the tumor was removed, before the intervention was put in a few drops, and the result was that the tumor no longer appears in metastasis to another organ.

Oyarzún and Kogan stated that they are in the preclinical stage and that it is necessary to move towards certified research that they need in the laboratory or the pharmaceutical industry in order to be interested in testing. Prior to the ANSA's consultation, he stated that the product's wording was one-third of the dollar, but did not include distribution, overpopulation or marketing. He said many people are asking questions about how much turmeric used to treat or prevent cancer and they answer that it's done at the laboratory level to create a milk emulsion that should investigate how much a person should take in weight, cancer type, etc. If you smell the salad more quickly on the trenches, mix, most of what you will receive, accumulate on the stomach and will benefit from antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The interdisciplinary team has everything ready for the next test, as long as they have the resources. To this end, the Center aims to create a fund that allows private investment.

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