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Crossing the stress between Rocío Guirao Díaz and Dalí to display the body network – 11/18/2018.


Criticism, too Rocío Guirao Díaz (34 years old) publishes on social networks every day photos underwear triggered this weekend on Saturday PH (Telef, at 22) a strong and unexpected return trip between model and Dalila (48 years).

It all started when Andy Kusnetsov (48) asked a woman from Nicolás Paladini (40) for criticizing what she gets for her body showing. Platinum then explained it as a model she is rented for this.

"At this point I am a manufacturer that shows a swimsuit, a living dummy, "Rocio slipped with humor, while convincingly that many of the negative statements that reached him relate to her mother's condition."On social networks, if you are a mother, you can no longer show your body"He said about it.

"But you can show it", stopped Santa Fe singer."No, it seems to me that anyone can show it", the model replied:" No, because there are women who are not famous and would love to have your figure able to show it"Dalila rejected her.

Then after brief Andy's intervention and other guests of the program – the "goddess of verbal love" – ​​analyzed the topic that was discussed and gave a free thought.

"There are few details that, in my opinion, should be monitored. Not for your sake, your son, "said the singer, who was among his release based on the posts of Guirao Díaz because that's his job. "No, but I do it because I feel like that"the model has crossed it."Oh, okay, I do not agree"said Dalila.

Dalila says she does not want to chat too much from respect for her children. (Instagram)

Dalila says she does not want to chat too much from respect for her children. (Instagram)

"But who hurt me? I do not understand to understand who disturbs him. You say that is wrong "mom that shows"? "asked the former member Dancing. "There are ways and ways to show it"said the tropical idol."And what's the limit?", continued to study the model.

"Rocío is a model and can do with her body that she likes. And the children, how are they raised? Thinking that her mom and her career were based on her body and she does. It does not matter if you put a strap on your back or you want to go to your chest: your son will see it well, because it is part of your job. In my case, or in the case of any other woman who wants to go face to face with a three year old son, the truth is that no, I was shocked, said the interpreter.

Moreover, Dalila, who had already announced it at the beginning of the debate He has "two teen boys" and one of them "is quite macho"continued: "I do not like it because I believe that it's disgusting to my son that I'm not an exhibitionist"

"She says to me with a cut that scares me! Divine, I would also show them if I had these lolos, I forget myself. But the message is strong, "said Aitana, Indio and the mother of the Roma.

And he continued: "It seems to me women must do what they are satisfied with their body, unless they harm anyone. Children, if they see their mother happy, they will be fine. Just like I work with my body, because I am very young and my children are natural the day when my son says to me: "Mom takes a lot of shame", you do not do it anymore, this will be my limit"

"One thing is that it is your career, and one more thing is that when your son goes to school where we live hooliganism all the time … At some point they told me: "We go to the magazine Human being take pictures … " But how? I would not be happy if my son's boyfriend was standing on a magazine stand looking at a friend's mother's ass, "added the singer.

"It's totally macho thought that I do not think that the least, and it does not reflect me. Nowadays, all women are so busy fighting, because we are not reified and raped on the street, you must get rid of this thought and develop seriously, because what you say does not apply, for example, to your dress, It's a ball and you're a bomb … you have to go further than it seems to me, "she said to Guirao Díaz without a smile.

Rocío Guirao Díaz often shares many photos of bikinis and underwear social networks. (Instagram)

Rocío Guirao Díaz often shares many photos of bikinis and underwear social networks. (Instagram)

Until then time was not the best, and the program manager intervened again. "Dali, for which we are talking, is that we all need to work so that everyone can do what they want. and (in this case), which does not depend on you with your son, "suggested Kusnetzoffs.

"You're like mom Educate them as great men and do not do them tomorrow what they do to your women. Well, if your line down is another one, they will be able to see this person with her together to share their lives, so I think it's important to get out of it, "said Rocío.

"So, if your husband goes in balls, he would be perfect"Dalila attacked with irony."I like to go in balls. What else, I publish it"replied to the model."This is your thought, not mine"said the singer firmly." But I I do not want to fight with you, thinking otherwise, you have to think differently and the same way to hold your hands, "Guirao Díaz concluded with maturity.

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