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Crisis in Facebook? You know you're representing over $ 7 million in profits

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Crisis scandals? What is it if at the end Facebook it does not stop growing and continues to increase revenue in the form of millionaires.

Yes, it sounds rough, but it seems like a reality. In the afternoon, the Menlo Park company released results that correspond to the fourth quarter of 2018 and Not only did he report more profits, but he exceeded expectations and his stock grew on Wall Street.

Rooms are cold

Facebook reported income 16 thousand 914 million dollars from October to December, of which 16 thousand 640 million were for advertising; a 30 percent increase over the previous year.

This is reflected in the net profit that reached. T. 6000 882 million dollars. He also reported $ 2.38 in earnings per share, above the $ 2.18 analysts expected.

Meanwhile, despite the interest of generations like the Millennium and Z, the social network has pointed it out reached 2,000 320 million monthly active users, and a thousand 552 million daily, very consistent and even slightly improving expectations.

Clearly exceeded the expectations of investors, which were immediately reflected in Wall Street Company shares increased by more than 11 percent in post-processing transactions.

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Each user represents the income of millionaires

If we made a conversion with reference to advertising revenue and the number of active users per month, we will achieve this Each user (including you if you have an account) is around 7.1 million. US Dollar Revenue Facebook.

In addition, if we believe that, according to Statist data, there were approximately 53.8 million social network users in Mexico at the end of 2018, then the country's "facebookers" meant it about $ 386 million in the last quarter.

Of course you need to consider different variables as the fact that larger markets like the United States and Europe are the ones that pay higher amounts (due to different rates and brands being advertised).

The previous thing means there are differences, however Exercise Intent To Take Medium And Take The Dimension Of Each User And The Specific Market represents Facebook.

Immunity to scandals and corporate reputation problems?

Since Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has not stopped engaging in disputes: the problem with counterfeit news via WhatsApp in Brazil, the seizure of internal documents in the UK, the discovery of The New York Times that the social network agreed to share data with over 150 companies and what to say about what happened to Apple.

However, and despite the fact that it reported different numbers in the second and third quarters of last year, The closure of 2018 was extremely beneficial for the company.

From the point of view of Facebook manager Mark Zuckerberg, this is the result of the changes introduced in recent years.

"We have fundamentally changed the way we run our company to focus on the most important social issues, and we are investing more in creating new and inspiring ways for people to connect," he said in a published report..

Yes, they have made a lot of changes, some of them focusing on prioritizing local content and much more stimulating users to get back to "social". However, it should also be noted that many of them were for commercial purposes; just like Confetti, between bulls.

Unfortunately, and this would mean a lot more awareness and concern for the users, the figures would be the reason Zuckerberg for the way he manages his business, focused on controlling his subscriber data and trading.

In fact, it has been an internal problem that led to the departure of WhatsApp and Instagram key managers from the administration. Given the reports on the integration of the three platforms, this discrepancy would be justified.

For brands, this may mean more opportunities and resources to connect to the target audience, but it is undisputed that the serious problem of data protection and protection remains in the air.

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