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Countdown to 15 Facebook!

The United States company, established by California-based Mark Zuckerberg, is approaching the age of 15 and employs over 25,000 people and has market capitalization of $ 541,000 million. Facebook It is surrounded by contradictions, doubts, suspicions and good practices.

His birthday will be on February 4 in the midst of a bad moment crossing his founder, the biggest loser among the billionaires listed by Forbes. But first is the story.

After a year of scandals and a bad image last week, Facebook Ceo's luck dropped by 7%, and its shares dropped by 30% compared to July last year. However, today the social network is delivering its results in the fourth quarter of 2018 with optimistic expectations: $ 16,400 million profit, 26% more than in 2017. t

Nonetheless, allegations of user privacy and political manipulation had an impact on the company, causing Zuckerberg to rethink its business model, El Economist recalls. Currently, the social network is rapidly reaching WhatsApp, which already equates it to the number of users, although everything remains in the family: the messaging service was purchased by Facebook in 2014. The biggest challenge is how to make so many users profitable, over 2600 million.

One of the biggest issues facing Facebook is that many social network users do not understand the systems that handle their information and advertising, which inevitably leads to mistrust. Digital Advertising Specialist Hugo Sáez wrote yesterday on Twitter that Zuckerberg's interpretation of our data processing does not take into account important details, simplifies the process and is often responsible for the user when it is not.

"Everything we do on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is registered and analyzed. But not only that, thanks to the work of data analysts, models are being created. Generally, the system is correct and is very valuable to advertisers because communication affects the public with an accurate and personalized message, ”Saez summarized and added that Pixel is a code that allows advertisers and Facebook to know everything we do:" Do you know that the feeling that they listen to us and know what we always want to buy? That's Pixel, ”he said.

On the other hand, José Manuel Rodríguez, a journalist specializing in networks and digital transformation, said in a dialogue with El Economista: "Zuckerberg always refers to user control, but in reality most people really don't know how Facebook works. Several surveys and studies in the US indicate that the minority knows the existence of an algorithm that marks or hides the content that could be seen. In this example, it is easy to conclude that we still have little direct information about what is happening to the data. what we leave there, though the pressure of scandals makes Facebook more transparent and better managed.

In this position, the social network Ceo confirmed that the sale of user data would be against the company's interests as it would reduce the value of the services provided to advertisers. "I believe that the most important principles in terms of data are transparency, the ability to choose and control. We need to be clear about how we use this information, and people should have clear choices about how they want to use it. A regulation that codifies these principles all over the internet would benefit everyone, ”said Zuckerberg.

As security and privacy issues are a concern for Facebook, Rodriguez claims that transparent mechanisms that control the user's convenience are: "It's the time when the discussions about regulation come on and it will end. Great technology, not just Facebook, tends to create basis for this regulation to be the least harmful to their money. "

With the other two enterprise networks (Instagram and WhatsApp) growing, Zuckerberg changed its strategy for "application family" integration, bringing together three news giants in 2020. "I want to be clear: our goal is to help people share and communicate more with their families, friends, and communities," he summed up.

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