Saturday , January 29 2022

Consumers paid 525% more than farmers


Although the difference is still large, lthe figure did not increase compared to November, according to the specified CAME.

According to the organism, apples and oranges were the products that had the greatest difference between what comes from the origin and what is collected in the gondola.

In the first case, the difference between one and the other commercialization time is associated with a 43.2% drop in the original price (field) added to the average increase of 11.9 percent that was added. when it is sold to the public.

The problem came from the lack of apples at the destination sites, adding the harvest to the producer at the beginning of 2018 with a dollar to $ 18, so the shops bought cheap and sold more expensive.

In the latter extreme, red pepper reduced this difference to almost half of 8.6 times in November to 4.5 times in December.

Eggs, chicken, lettuce tomatoes and Swiss peel have remained unchanged in this respect, foods that remain without major differences throughout the year.

Producer participation in the final profit was 22.7%, so it increased slightly by 0.7 points over the previous month.

These figures come from the price index for origin and destination (IPOD) produced monthly by the CAME regional economic sector.

The study is based on major online supermarkets and grocery retailers at daily prices, as well as on major production areas surveyed by 35 interviewers.

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