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Congressman sentenced to National Senator to condemn justice against sexual harassment – 13/12/2018

The Senate's Senate employee came to Prosecutor Carlos Stornell on Wednesday to condemn the radical senator La Pampa Juan Carlos Marino for sexual abuse.

In a complaint, a woman who has worked for Congress over the past twenty years, said that the senator touched her breasts, repeatedly asked her to ask her questions and even sent WhatsApp messages by asking her to address her at home.

"Where are you? I'm going around. Be ready, I'm going to your house. Where do you live?"Do some reports sent by a senator to a woman who complained to a cell phone, Claudia Mabel Guebel, a political scientist and specialist in national defense matters.

After the presentation, the complaint was prepared and the investigation came to court in Ariel Lijo and Ariel Delgado was prosecuted.

"I think that I had a suitable place to work with him, and while I was working with Marino, I tried to learn the interests of my province, which was a professional challenge to my academic work." Marino has never read any of my messages. During the month when I started working with Marino, I started receiving messages from WhatsApp on my cell phone, "the complainant complained to the prosecutor, Who also showed him videos of sexual content sent by the legislator to his phone.

Clarin he sent several messages to Marino to find out his version of the events but did not receive an answer. He was warned by the legislature's adviser "Now he does not speak."

"Senator determined that his functions were made from my home"Saida woman." I never had a friendly or trusting relationship with a senator. I think that I had the best cooperation with her, "said the complainant, referring to Marino.

"When we are alone He touched his breasts and told me that we would have coffee", Announced in the prosecutor's office.

The woman, who was the authority of the National Conference on Radical Citizenship, said that she "advised the senator of La Pampa Province, Juan Carlos Marino," about a year and up to about three months ago. "

According to his statement, Marino set out to fulfill his duties from his home. "He introduced the reports and discussed the parliamentary debate when I was asked to participate in the commission," he said.

According to the complainant, the senator's staff manager, Pedro Fiorda, he kissed him with his hand in his mouth and told him that "Marin had a desire to become governor of La Pampas and had intentions to carry out a political operation in which pedophile accused La Pampas as governor of Cambimos," referring to Carlos Javier Mac Allister.


These are some significant complaints about Marin's passages presented by the Minister for Justice, for which he agreed Clarín:

"Dr. Yellow was the highest authority in this Political Investigation Commission. He had several complaints about harassment and violence in the Stewardship Directorate. Amarilla was persecuted professionally since I was admitted to the Commission, insulted me, intimidated me, telling me he was dealing with intelligence services, one day I saw that he was covering it in a house near Alsinas Street and Entre Ríos, all this I told Parliament the Chambers, who responded affirmatively to the opening of the summary, although they were not released. He is currently acting as an adviser to Olmedo Deputy. After that, I asked the Senate for advice to a radical party leader. It was about a year, and about three months ago, I recommend the senator in the province of La Pampa, Juan Carlos Marino.

"I approached Marino because he was leading Commission for the control of intelligence organizations for many years, and I think I would have the opportunity to participate and learn. I created NPSGLOBAL Postgraduate Course on National Defense Schools and Weapons of Mass Destruction, I mistakenly thought that work with me was a real place. "

"During my performance, along with Marino, I tried to explore the topics of their provincial interests, which was a professional issue for my academic experience, and Marino never read any of his reports. During the month when I started working with Marino, I started receiving messages from WhatsApp on my mobile phone, which I currently have, which I do from my mobile phone. In these statements he said: "Where are you?", "Where do you live?", "I'll be there. I'm going around," "Get ready, I'm going to your house." He sent me a video that points to sex. I want to make it clear that I had no connection with him, neither trust nor friendship. This type of message was sent to me on a regular basis, several times a week. "

"On the 14th day of each month, I personally went to the Senator's office to receive a certificate of attendance, and for the first time I discovered in the Marino office, he took me to his office where there were several assistants. My finding automatically left the office. When we were alone, I touched my breasts and he asked me when we were preparing for coffee, he told me to wait for his call, which we could see at any moment. "

"Fyorda attacked me with both hands with force and he calmly soothed his tongue in my mouth, I tried to separate him, but I could not, then he said:" I invite you to see how we will continue. "The episode of days after this day has urged me to call me in my cell phone so we voms I never participated. I felt unhappy and very worried about what had happened. The next day, I fell in bed with severe stress, high fever, swollen glands and pain throughout my body. All this can be confirmed through the OSDE because I call my emergency social service of the Obra Social Services about this situation "

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