Thursday , March 30 2023

"Coco" Basile's huge phrase about César Luis Menotti's appointment


With two cycles as a trainer with whom he added more than six years, Alfio Basile is allowed word to talk about Choice The Coco it was sent with a vague phrase about the new designation César Luis Menotti how to National Selection Director.

"El Flaco is very alive, very intelligent, he will somehow handle Scaloni by talking to him with the class. "Throw me a little eight, so I'm here," I think he will say", said the former DT floor TyC Sports.

The Coco he praised Lost as one of the "two extraordinary technicians he had in his career" Juan José Pizzuti, although he also explained that there is no project available in the National Team today. "The only truth about Argentine projects is to win. We're losthe was convicted.

On the other hand, Basile recognized that generational change. , Albiceleste, that's what Scaloni going on. "I agree with the renovation of the three-room university. Young people. Another spirit, other football, others who are not burnt, that people do not participate, that people are good, ”he concluded.

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