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Cinthia Fernandez came back to shoot her ex: I can not give my girlfriend a person

Cinthia Fernndez and Matas Defederico is very bad. Although they had long and idyllic relationships and 3 beautiful daughters, they can not be seen today! They constantly encounter large scandals where they attract small ones. Both have a very strong character and always want to be the last word. Now they fought again and Cinthia I finally exploded with a very difficult phrase.

Dance participant I'm posting a photo to my Instagram account, honored by Francesca's birthday. In the picture she appears, Martn Baclini, 3 girls and their two grandmothers. Many media claimed that one of the women was the mother of Defederiko, but the reality was different. Do not let me mess up, my mother is not the one in the photo, my mother does not see my daughter for more than 4 months after my mother, the footballer wrote tweet.

But Fernandez he was not imprisoned and went to answer his Involucrados program where he is an expert. "I can not give my girls a person they do not know, it would be different if the father was present, but not so, my daughters are not packets, why should he say that his mother does not see the girls?", Expres dancer very angry

Matt looked at the program or something he learned about his old wife's statement, and I told him Twitter. "I did not stop, but calmly, that tomorrow I will explain everything with tests, as I always did to continue the fight, so that in the morning daughters my daughters would always know the truth about what I was and I am like a man!" Sentenced the athlete

Months ago brunette He had explained the friction with his old laws. Matt had agreed with her family to spend a certain amount of money every month, and the truth is that she never met. That was his decision, and I stayed aside until my daughters were born and this thing has changed. When the twins were born, they became a priority, so the thing was complicated, because he could not stand the same amount, he could not supply it, and everything was angry. Today my girls are affiliated with grandfather, but not with mother. I took care of it, I do not want to.

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